MICU Protocols?

Answer A mobile intensive care unit, or MICU, is an ambulance designed to transport patients who are in need of critical care and treatment during transport. Protocols are procedures that are designed to ... Read More »

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What Are SSL & TLS Protocols?

One of the greatest challenges in conducting commerce over the Internet is that, as it was originally designed, it is a completely insecure network. The SSL protocol was developed in 1994 by Netsca... Read More »

Why do we have protocols?

Protocols are predetermined systems of steps or rules for performing an action. They have a wide range of applications, including medicine, technology, communications and research. Protocols ensure... Read More »

Rs-232 & Rs-432 Protocols?

RS-232 and RS-432 are two standards for serial connections from computers to peripherals. The standards specify the cable type and connector configurations. "RS" stands for "Recommended Standard."

What are TCP/IP protocols?

In the 1960s, when the U.S. first funded the research projects to build robust computer networks, no one imagined the implications that would ensue. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ... Read More »