MBA Undergraduate Requirements?

Answer Students are often required to take a number of foundations courses in business before they are able to enter the MBA program at their schools. Those who majored in business as an undergraduate typ... Read More »

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Undergraduate Requirements for Law School?

Lawyers operate from within the justice system to preserve the virtues of fairness, truth and honesty. The profession spans various specialties, including criminal law, environmental law and corpor... Read More »

Undergraduate Requirements for Dental School?

There are 61 dental schools in the United States, each granting either a Doctor of Dental Surgery -- DDS -- or a Doctor of Dental Medicine -- DDM. The majority of these schools require two years of... Read More »

Undergraduate Degree Requirements to Become a Dentist?

Before a student can become a dentist they must meet certain academic requirements. Becoming a dentist requires extensive knowledge. Dentists are normally required to have at least two years of und... Read More »

Can you get a Ph.D. after an undergraduate?

Typically, you need at least a bachelor's degree, which is an undergraduate award, to get into a Ph.D. program. However, if you have a master's degree, you may be able to receive a doctorate more q... Read More »