MALE CONTACTS DON'T CLICK!!! Women's stuff! Yuck! TMI!?

Answer It has to get worse before it gets better < That applies to most things in life.

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A question about female anatomy...Guy Contacts...DO NOT click on this....?

Mine's a bit easier to locate and play with as well. And I've shoved 3 babbies through there in the last 5 years. You're welcome for the visual.

If your not a cola drinker dont click !!! Coke or Pepsi?

My right click on my mause dont work how can i copy and paste?

select text then:Mac OS X: apple+c / apple+vLinux / Windows: ctrl+c / ctrl+v

I can't get into my excel spreadsheet it just shows a blank page & then when I click weird stuff?

If this is a previously saved Excel Workbook file, then it may have been corrupted in some way.And when you say "then when I click weird stuff", does that mean that no matter where you click weird ... Read More »