MAKI JAPAN has the best teriyaki chicken EVER!!!what sauce do they use?

Answer They most likely use Kikawa sauce. You can buy this a store. But, you have to make sure you mix it with egg yolk or it will be too sour. Also remember to cook it on the stove seperately first and t... Read More »

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What is in teriyaki sauce?

Teriyaki sauce is generally made from soy sauce, sugar, sake (an alcoholic Japanese beverage made from rice) and ginger. Additional ingredients such as garlic may find their way into the recipe, de... Read More »

How to Make Teriyaki Sauce?

If you love the sweet, tangy teriyaki sauce served in Japanese restaurants, you can make your own delicious teriyaki sauce at home. Teriyaki sauce isn't difficult to make, and is versatile enough t... Read More »

Does teriyaki sauce have alcohol in it?

Yes, teriyaki sauce has alcohol in it. One of the base ingredients is mirin wine, which is made from rice. Sake is also sometimes added to certain types of teriyaki. Aside from the two types of win... Read More »

What is teriyaki sauce made out of?

Teriyaki sauce is made with brown or white sugar, mirin (sake), ginger and dark soy sauce if you would make it at home. Ingredients in a bottle of organic, store-bought teriyaki can include ginger ... Read More »