MAC vs PC. Convince me!!!!!?

Answer there's already 14 other answers. so why am i chiming in? well, your question interests me. i mean, why ask 'convince me!?', instead of deciding to convince yourself? you obviously have some techni... Read More »

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How can I convince my mom...?

If you're getting zits, you need facial cleansers.

How can I convince my dad?

i don't think there is a way dads are just hard to convince I just wanted till I was 18 so he wouldn't bug me about it as much.

How do i convince my mom.... ?

I think you should sit down with her and talk to her about it. If you give her all of your reasons and maybe commit to paying for some of it, she might let you. Just give her time to think about it... Read More »

How to convince my mom to let me do my eyebrows?

i told my mom that my eyebrows were making me very insecure. ( previously i have been bullied about my eyebrows) You could say that you want to look well kept, and that it would make you feel bette... Read More »