Lumps behind 2year olds ear?

Answer Most probably lymph nodes. They enlarge whenever there is an infection in the drainage area.

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My 2year old will start pre-school next week. I sometimes wonder if Iv kept her at ho?

Although you will hear this everywhere, I am going to say it again - children develop at different rates. Children understand language before they can vocalize it so it is quite likely that your d... Read More »

What can be use to stop diarrhea in 2year old kids?

Diarrhea caused by viral illnesses (the most common kind) should not be treated directly. By this I mean that you shouldn't try to stop the diarrhea itself, you just need to make sure the child ma... Read More »

My 2year old is a biter, what is the best way to treat the bites that he leaves on my little niece I babysit?

She needs to see a doctor if it broke the skin. And you need to protect the children who can't protect themselves until he grows out of the biting stage.

16 yr old have lumps?

Swollen lymph nodes mean they are fighting an infection somewhere in your body - Very likely that cold you had which was causing you a bit of a headache which you immediately panicked over and thou... Read More »