Lump on top of my left hand wrist?

Answer Probably a gaglion cyst. They are harmless and sometimes go away on their own. Sometimes surgery is needed. Here is a link that might help you.…

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Left hand wrist pain.?

I wonder if you had a minor stroke in the past without possibly realizing it. I am not a doctor in the least but have total sympathy for your situation and really hope they find out what's wrong an... Read More »

PLEASE Help.. My 86 year old mother`s left hand and wrist just for no reason started getting very bad pains ?

In wish i can give a sure answer but i can't but I'm sending u the WeB MD website which many people say it's good when it comes to finding out information like this. I hope it helps & hope your mom... Read More »

Rash located on back of left hand between thumb and index finger and back to wrist?

If it keeps coming and going and is localized it could likely be eczema or psoriasis. Autoimmune skin responses, they can crop up more frequently due to contact with something you're sensitive to ... Read More »

What is wrong with Morgan Freeman's left hand. Saw him on the Jay Leno show and he did not use his left hand. Looked like there was a glove on it?

His hand was paralyzed in a car accident in 2008. Surgery to correct the paralysis has failed. The glove is to keep the swelling down.