Lump on my boob help please i am only 15?

Answer either you have some type of disease or some guy sucked you a little to hard on your titty. Either way you have to consult with a doctor or it will be too late and you die.

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This is one reason why no reputable health authority recommends breast self examinations on girls under 20. And you are quite correct that you are not supposed to use fingertips but only flat fing... Read More »

Boob pain... Please help?

I would say go to a doctor. If it goes and comes it might be a pinched nerve or something more serious. Not cancer but just something that can be fixed easy unless you wait too long. Just go and ha... Read More »

Skin coloured lump on nose please help ....?

don't squeeze or pick really have to let the doctor look at it....and do it fast.if it is not a regular spot...he will give you steroid cream to see if it disappears...and if it doesn't -... Read More »

Feeling like a lump in my throat, help please?

Hmm sounds weird. I've had something like this happen to me before and it was a pain. Try sucking on a few ice-cubes, your throat may be swollen and the ice could help it reduce the swelling.