Lump on my boob help please i am only 15?

Answer either you have some type of disease or some guy sucked you a little to hard on your titty. Either way you have to consult with a doctor or it will be too late and you die.

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This is one reason why no reputable health authority recommends breast self examinations on girls under 20. And you are quite correct that you are not supposed to use fingertips but only flat fing... Read More »

Why is one boob so much smaller the the other boob?

Every woman has a variance in size between one breast and the other unless you buy them, in which case they should be perfect for all that money. You may feel lopsided, but it is normal. You can ta... Read More »

Should you be worried if you've always had a very small non-painful lump on the back of your head and now that you are pregnant the lump has grown big and now it hurts and what could it be?

Answer It's possible that it could be a lymph node in an odd location. My little sister had a lump on her head when she was born and it turned out to be a lymph node. We were told it may become swo... Read More »

I'm scared, I have a small lump behind my right ear and 1 lump half way between my shoulders and neck?

It might just be lymph nodes,those are usually harmless,it just means you body is fighting off an infection,where you sick?if your doctor informed you that your fine then most likely you are,i have... Read More »