Lump in your nipple what is it?

Answer It is a disease, maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor because you might die.

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12 years old problem with right nipple sore and swollen also a lump underneath the nipple?

Well a twelve year old with swollen/tender breasts could just be growth from puberty but there shouldn't be a lump. You might should contact your doctor. During puberty this is normal but it could ... Read More »

What happens if there Is a lump in your nipple?

Lump on left side of chest by nipple HELP!?

If it feels like disks, it can be either a calcium buildup or that your body is producing estrogen. Try eating nuts (like peanuts, walnuts, cashews, etc.), as this should take care of the problem w... Read More »

Should you be worried if you've always had a very small non-painful lump on the back of your head and now that you are pregnant the lump has grown big and now it hurts and what could it be?

Answer It's possible that it could be a lymph node in an odd location. My little sister had a lump on her head when she was born and it turned out to be a lymph node. We were told it may become swo... Read More »