Lump in throat under jaw?

Answer It is a swollen Lymph Node. Basically it is full of dead virus and dead white blood cells that have been fighting your infection (cold). It swells because of the huge numbers of cells from the infe... Read More »

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Lump in throat after vomiting?

Don't be concerned to much, it will go down and what you might try is drinking some hot cups of fruit tea with 2 spoons full of honey inside. Than as well you can swallow slowly honey, because hone... Read More »

Lump in throat advice needed quick !?

I am not medically trained but am well read on thyroid related illness because, well, I am hyperthyroid with Graves'.It sounds like a swollen nodule, perhaps it is pushing on your wind pipe in whic... Read More »

Why do you get the feeling of a lump in your throat before you cry?

Your sinuses are reacting, and it is a result of a build up of mucous and fluid in your sinus cavity, and causes what is called post-nasal drip, and it collects in the back of your throat, creating... Read More »

Bits in films that put a lump in your throat?

when patrick Swayzie finds Sam Elliot on the bar dead in RoadhouseA Richard Dreyfus's film called "Always " hes a fighter pilot and dies and is a ghost watching over his girlfriend Holly Hunter Mor... Read More »