Lumineers Opinions from anybody who's got them?

Answer Lumineers in our office are around $1000. They generally cover the front 6 to 10 teeth that show when you smile. They usually are done with no or minimal drilling on the tooth.If you hate your sm... Read More »

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Inland Hurricane!!! Anybody from S. Illinois opinions?

I live in south Carbondale, I was also out driving when the hurricane hit is just offle, everything is all tore down, homes, business's and schools. But everyone is working together and pul... Read More »

Rate them.whos prettier?

All ugly. Why is that girl in the last picture making that doofus face?

I heard half of justin biebers followers were not real. Does anybody know where he got them from?

5kfor10 does good for pretty cheap. I think you can get 5,000 followers for like $12 bucks....but I say do it the natural way and go ask people to follow you =P

Whos prettier the blonde or orange. pics below. (2 of them)?

What are you guys, 11?Please don't post this on the internet.