Lumineers Opinions from anybody who's got them?

Answer Lumineers in our office are around $1000. They generally cover the front 6 to 10 teeth that show when you smile. They usually are done with no or minimal drilling on the tooth.If you hate your sm... Read More »

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Whos swiching to bluray and whos not?

I'm not upgrading yet. It's too expensive. They claim that the bluray player will still play normal DVDs but if that's the case I'll just buy my husband a PS3. Bluray isn't supposed to scratch o... Read More »

Anyone have Lumineers or Veneers...?

I used to assist with Veneers and maintaining them is just the same as with out them. brushing is the same as well as maintaining your regular dental cleaning visits. you just need to be careful of... Read More »

What Are Dental Lumineers?

Lumineer is the trade name for a recently developed alternative to traditional veneers. Instead of whitening teeth, lumineers are bonded over the teeth in an attempt to create a natural-looking wh... Read More »

What Are Lumineers and How Much Do They Cost?

Over the years, there have been a number of different methods of tooth whitening. These methods could not correct the appearance of crooked teeth. Lumineers are purported to do both.LumineersLumine... Read More »