Lumens to Foot Candles Calculations?

Answer Though ordinarily we think of light as "bright" or "dim," there are actually many units used to describe the amount of light that a bulb or flame emits. Two of these units are the lumen and the foo... Read More »

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How many foot-candles are emitted by 3W LEDs?

A 3 watt light-emitting diode (LED) bulb can put out as many 1200 foot-candles of light. However, the light output can vary, based on the application and how the beam is focused.References:Thomasne... Read More »

How to Convert Light Meter Readings to Foot Candles?

When you take a reading from your light meter in lux and need to convert it to foot-candles, you divide by 10.75, the number of lux in a foot-candle. Since lux and foot-candles are units that measu... Read More »

How do you calculate the average illumination in foot candles of a room at 30 inches above the floor?

Seeable Lumens Vs. Lumens?

Light affects people visually and psychologically. The intensity of the light source, and the amount of light hitting an object from a certain distance, characterize the light's brightness.