Lucky bean plant has mealy bugs and unidentified eggs / parasite on stems which look like part of plant?

Answer here's some plant bugs.

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Can you put a lucky bean plant outside?

The lucky bean plant--Castanospermum australe--is also known as the Moreton Bay Chestnut and the black bean plant. The lucky bean is often grown as an indoor houseplant, but it is capable of growin... Read More »

My Asparagus Fern Plant Has Green Bugs on the Stems?

Asparagus ferns are herbaceous perennial plants that provide fine texture accents and red berries for fall and winter interest. They resist drought and insect problems well but can fall prey to ins... Read More »

What part of the plant does the bean come from?

The bean grows from the center of the flower that the plant produces.

Is the lucky bamboo plant a good clean-air plant?

On One Hand: Good at Cleaning the AirTo date, no concrete clean air studies have been conducted on lucky bamboo, which is actually a lily plant in the Dracaena family. However, in general, Dracaena... Read More »