Lucky 13 Tattoo Ideas?

Answer The term "Lucky 13" is ironic since the number 13 is typically associated with bad luck and bad omens. Combine images associated with bad luck and good luck to create a funny and edgy design. You c... Read More »

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Lucky House Painting Ideas?

Many people believe that the way you paint your home, can actually bring you good luck, especially those who follow the principles of Feng Shui. The Feng Shui discipline focuses on using certain co... Read More »

Does lucky channel from lucky star have a website?

Miranda Hobbs gave birth to a son, Brady Hobbs, in I heart NY. She gives birth at Mount Siani hospital and calls Carrie away from her last date with Big before he goes to Naper Valley, CA. You see ... Read More »

Emo Tattoo Ideas?

Emo isn't just short for emotional. The word, when shortened, takes on an entirely different meaning. It brings to mind images of people and a certain type of music. For some, it's nothing more tha... Read More »

Bad Tattoo Ideas?

A person can express his individuality and personality through tattoo choice, but even a well-thought-out tattoo can spell disaster. Once you get a tattoo it will stay on you for life; removal is a... Read More »