Lubrication Types for a Chevy Diesel 6.5?

Answer There are a number of different fluids that are used in a General Motors or Chevrolet 6.5-liter diesel engine to keep it running smoothly and operating properly. Without the proper fluids, the truc... Read More »

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Types of Lubrication Oil?

Mineral oils are the most popular kind used for lubrication, but that hasn't always been the case. Whale fat, for example, was very popular for lubricating machinery in the early 1800s. Today, othe... Read More »

Diesel Oil Types?

Diesel oil is fuel specifically produced to power diesel engines. Most diesel oils are derived from petroleum, but some are produced using gases, plants and other biological material. Somewhat dens... Read More »

Diesel Engine Oil Types?

Diesel oil is only used in specific types of engines. Not all engines can operate on diesel oil. There are many ways to produce this type of fuel from petroleum, plants, gases and some biological m... Read More »

Diesel Fuel Injector Types?

Diesel engines were among the first to use pressurized injection of any sort, and have (for the most part) stuck with it ever since. Fuel injection differs from carburetion in that it uses fuel pre... Read More »