Lubricating a Power Window Regulator?

Answer Everyone has experienced a power window that freezes in a certain position, chatters, slips in its guide or falls down inside the window well. In many cases, if it's not the switch, wiring or motor... Read More »

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What is a power window regulator?

The power window regulator is located inside a car door. Manual windows are rolled down using a hand crank. Power window regulators automate the raising and lowering of the windows with a simple pr... Read More »

How to Replace a Power Window Regulator?

The power window regulator in your vehicle mounts inside the door panel with bolts and has the responsibility of guiding the window up and down with cables. The window motor powers the regulator; o... Read More »

How to Grease a Power Window Regulator?

Power windows provide drivers with the luxury of opening any car window with just the touch of a button. However, that luxury comes with a cost. As with all motors, power windows can break down, u... Read More »

How to Install a Power Window Regulator?

Power windows make for a much easier driving experience, since the driver of the vehicle does not have to lean across the car to roll the windows up or down. Unfortunately, with convenience, in th... Read More »