Lower leg pain (front part) when i run .... help me out ?

Answer It sounds like shin splints. I have had them. They are considered an "overuse" injury. They are common. These links will give you more information and suggestions for making improvements. And ... Read More »

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Shooting pain in the lower part of my left arm - is this a heart attack?

It is that cervical nerve being pressed due to cervical spodylitis, better to get cardiac clearance call help line immediately. Cannot trust these shooting left arm pain OK. Read More »

What is this sharp pain on the lower right part of my chest in between my breast bone and my ribs?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

I feel mild pain in lower part of my right lung when i bend slightly what is the problem?

What could cause front right lower neck pain that is painful to the touch?

I also am experiencing the same pain. It runs along the front of my neck from below my right ear to my windpipe. I woke up with this pain yesterday so I am thinking I slept in a odd psition & have ... Read More »