Lower Back has been hurting?

Answer This is probably something you're not really wanting to hear, but it is best to see the doctor and make sure it isn't anything bad. Trust me, if its something serious and you push through the pain,... Read More »

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My lower back has been hurting for about 6 months, What can I do to make the pain go away?

it depends on the type injury. a compressed disk, a muscle strain, broken spine, or any number of causes. most back problems are from some kind of over exertion. good back execises will help. if to... Read More »

How can I get my lower back to stop hurting when I lay down?

See your family Chiropractor. Any chronic pain is a sign that something is wrong. Your best bet is to see a specialist to help you find and fix the CAUSE of your pain.Best wishes and good luck.

Are pelvic bone cramps lower back pain and hurting hips signs of prgnancy?

Answer First if you missed your period you should take a pregnancy test. But it is better to go to the doctor esp. if you have had unprotected sex and now you are having pains.

My back has been bothering near the lower part of my back?

Hi there: Here is something that will help you with your back. Get a got bath and add some epsom's salts. This will relax all your body muscles okay. You have a fine day.