Lower Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas?

Answer Tattoos make an artistic statement and many people love to flaunt their individualized body artwork. There are some situations where a tattoo needs to be covered up, like a wedding, an interview or... Read More »

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Im getting a tattoo on my lower back for my 16 birthday, and ideas?

Well depending on where you live, my suggestion is that you bring a parent or you won't get any service. Most (if not all) states require you're 18.

Is it hot or trashy to get a tattoo on lower back?

it bothers me that people still see this tattoo as trashy... come on, do we still see people with multiple tattoos as bikers?evolve ppl.why don't you take into account the kind of tattoo, and the k... Read More »

Are lower back tattoo`s sexy on a girl?

my boyfriend loves mine..and so do i..i have it years...and i sure as hell aint no tramp!!its your body..only you can make a decision...

How to Design Your Own Lower Back Tattoo?

Your lower back is a popular tattoo canvas because it can accommodate a large decorative tattoo that you can easily conceal. Popular lower back tattoos for women include a butterflies, flowers, vin... Read More »