Louisiana Shade Plants?

Answer Gardeners want color and variety in shady areas just like the rest of the garden. Louisiana has many native plant species suited to shady garden sites. These plants have evolved to deal with local ... Read More »

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Shade Plants for California?

California's weather features a fair amount of sunlight, but some homes within the state have plenty of shaded areas. Shade may not seem conducive to a garden, but numerous plants can do well withi... Read More »

Desert Shade Plants?

Not all desert plants grow in the open with the hot sun beating down on them. A variety of plants in the desert thrive in the shade where the soil retains more moisture. Desert plants are adapted t... Read More »

Half Shade Plants?

In gardening terms, "half shade" refers to parts of the garden that get full sun only part of the day. Most gardens have a few spots that get little sunshine even in high summer, areas shaded by tr... Read More »

Dwarf Shade Plants?

There are dwarf or miniature versions of many garden plants. Gardeners prefer dwarf plants for use in small gardens, containers and for bonsai. Dwarf shade-loving plants, in particular, are good ch... Read More »