Loudest Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

Answer Exhaust pipes are changed on bikes for a variety of reasons; performance and sound are the most common. While most louder exhausts generally increase power, this isn't always the case and can't be ... Read More »

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Most Efficient Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

The pipes on a motorcycle exhaust are crucial to the overall performance of the motorcycle. The exhaust system is designed to move the harmful gases produced by the engine away as quickly as possib... Read More »

How to Custom Bend Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

Motorcycle customizers are always looking to set their machines apart from the ordinary, eschewing the commonly seen exhaust systems found in any aftermarket catalog. Aftermarket exhaust pipes are ... Read More »

How to Install Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

The most common customization on any bike is the exhaust, and there is no secret why. If you want to really class up your cruiser, or get a different sound from your sport bike, putting on a new mo... Read More »

Why Do Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes Turn Blue?

The heat from a motorcycle's exhaust can turn the exhaust pipes blue depending upon the quality of the metal used to make the pipes, according to the All Things Motorcycle forum. The heat from the ... Read More »