Loud vs. Quiet(er) Keyboard during Recording?

Answer I think people want to hear the keybord to know when pressing keys but don't make it too loud or it will just be annoying

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Is the Contour ROAM2 good for recording loud concerts?

No. The automatic audio gain control will be overwhelmed and record muddy audio, full of static.To get decent sounding audio, the camera or camcorder needs some sort of audio gain control. At the l... Read More »

Extremely loud electronic screeching and beeping in recording?

It sounds like feedback. Try Audacity if anything can do it that will.

Piano vs. Keyboard Recording?

The recording of pianos and keyboards requires different recording approaches and techniques. Pianos are acoustic instruments and must be recorded with microphones connected to the recording device... Read More »

What do you call a keyboard or keystroke recording software?

Software that records the keystrokes typed on a computer is known as keylogging software. This type of software is often malicious and is used to steal personal information such as passwords, credi... Read More »