Lost my voice because of cold & cough. Help!?

Answer my opinon amy dear is 2 take a day r 2 off and dont except any calls and rest ur voice

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Do any of you use cough syrup or cold medicine when you need help falling asleep?

Yes, I do, but only on an occasional night I just cannot sleep.I have seasonal allergies, and find that 2 teaspoons of children'sBenadryl Allergy ( cherry flavor)(I'm an adult) does the trick for m... Read More »

I can't sleep because my toes are to cold! help me!?

my toes are cold too !! well im wearing socks and its not working at all. put your hands over your toes and curl them a couple should get the blood flowing through them and warm soun... Read More »

My mam is being cold with me and I don't why but it might be because I had a text on my phone calling her a bitch and it just so happens that i lost my phone in my house. What should I do?

I've had a cough/cold for 4 weeks!?

I would recommend consulting your family doctor. Typically colds do last for awhile though. The worst should have been for about 1 to 3 days, by my experience.