Lost memory card with pics?

Answer Yes, everyone can see what's in it because I don't think your bf has it encrypted.

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How do I move pics from internal memory to memory card without a usb cable?

Above the zoom in and out buttons, there is a button that has a play button in a box on it, simply click that and change pictures with the arrow buttons.

I've lost my memory card and lost my photos, can i still retrieve them?

Sounds like they're gone - sorry. I know it is upsetting, this happened to me too. Keep your chin up.

How many pics can a 2gb memory card hold?

With a current model camera you'd probably be looking at 300-400, but the lower the Mega Pixels of the camera, the more pics you'll get on the card. More pixels (dots) in the pic means more space t... Read More »

Can take pics with your camera without a memory card?

Some cameras have a built in memory storage that will allow you to take 6-12 picutes of low quality. However, normally you do require a memory card for a digital camera to take higher quality and l... Read More »