Lost an im portant folder?

Answer Sounds like you've tried everything I can think of to try...Are you SURE you have the Name of the Folder\File correct?Try searching for a partial of the Name you Think it is......

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How do you find a lost folder on a hp laptop?

See, lost foldres can be retrieved IF you remember its name. It is very simple, if you are using windows 7 double click my computer and on top right you will see search computer, click on the textb... Read More »

I restored my computer yesterday and i LOST THE FOLDER with all of my school work in it. how do i get it back?

Start by doing a search for a file in that folder. If you are lucky, it's still all there. If it is really deleted, try looking in the trash can. If still no luck, there are software that can bring... Read More »

How do I get rid of an unused folder in my email folder list?

Place the mouse over the empty folder that you want to delete and click the right mouse button. A menu of options is displayed.Place the mouse on the "Delete 'folder name'" option--where the folder... Read More »

How do I change a adobe reader folder to a zip folder?

Leave it alone, since you are clueless. Don't mess it up.