Lose Weight with alcohol?

Answer Listen up, I'll hopefully say this once and you'll listen.Alcohol contains 7Kcal per gram, whereas fats contain slightly more. Protein and Carbohydrates contain 4Kcal per gram. So if you want to st... Read More »

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Did you lose weight when you stopped drinking alcohol?

Here's my thought: if you drink beer, cut it out of your diet completely, even if you still drink other alcohols such as hard liquor or true wine. Remember that what we call "wine coolers" in the ... Read More »

When you lose a significant amount of weight (50+ pounds) do you lose weight in your feet, nose and lips too?

I am overweight and want to lose weight. Will i be able to carry out sprints with same speed on loosing weight?

You will be able to get much faster as you lose weight. No guarantee as to how fast you'll be compared to your peers though.

How to Lose Weight With Sex?

Losing weight with sex isn't something that happens overnight. Preferably, you have a constant, long-term sex partner that knows your goals with sex-driven weight loss, and is happy to help you kee... Read More »