Lordy... how do you get half a cup of coffee out of my key board?

Answer keyboards are actually very resilient remove screws and wash the keys and give the base a wipe with damp cloth and wipe it will still work.

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How to Make Good Iced Coffee (Half and Half and Ground Coffee Method)?

No more making the coffee hours ahead of time and waiting for it to get cold and stale! This is a better way to make a cup of iced coffee.

Do you complain to restaurants if they only have artificial cream instead of half and half for their coffee?

Don't drink coffee but I have the same problem if I order milk. They only have whole or 2% and when you drink skim anything else is to rich for you to really enjoy it, but if I really want it I ord... Read More »

What is the between half-board and full-board?

What is the size of a half poster board?

A standard poster board in the U.S. is 22 inches by 28 inches. Half a poster board widthwise is 22 inches by 14 inches--or, lengthwise, 11 inches by 28 inches.Source:Pacon: Poster Board