Loosening a Bathroom Hex Nut?

Answer The drain system for a bathroom sink consists of several pipes that convey the water from the sink drain to the home's plumbing drain stack. The pipes connect together with large hex nuts that are ... Read More »

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Loosening a Stuck Nut Under a Faucet?

Every faucet has locking nuts to secure the base of the faucet to the top of the sink or countertop. These lock nuts usually are metal and at times, become stuck. If you need to remove the faucet t... Read More »

Loosening a Rusted Plumbing Slip Nut?

Rusted fasteners are difficult to remove due to their rough texture causing friction against other rusted fasteners and fixtures. Forcing a rusted slip nut can cause personal injury and damage to p... Read More »

What is a good color that I can paint my bathroom, it is a guest bathroom and I have already done white and I?

periwinkle is really pretty and with white it looks very calming and almost like a spa... plus its easy to mix other colors like pink and yellow!

How to Sneak Pads or Tampons Into the School Bathroom (or Any Bathroom)?

When you are on your period, carrying pads or tampons around can feel embarrassing. Keeping your time of the month hidden from other people can be tricky, but with these tips you can learn how to k... Read More »