Looks like a pimple on in between my right big tooth and smaller one beside it!!!!?

Answer It could mean your tooth is infected. If the bump is directed above your tooth on your gums. Then it's infected and you will have to get a root canal :(. I hope it's a canker sore, but to me it sou... Read More »

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How to Make a Pimple Smaller?

has a pimple just popped up on the day of your date? well these are a few easy tips that will make it smaller and help redness.

What is the little pimple looking piece of skin under a baby tooth that fell out from a 7 year old?

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is dosed by weight in small children, but for a child that young you should get the express consent from a doctor since it can affect them differently than older childre... Read More »

I have a pimple on my chin, big! but it isn't like a pimple, its like a inside lump.swollen it did go now?

Okay there are several possibilities here. One is cystic acne, HOWEVER, if you have not had cystic acne before it would be very unusual for it to start now and for you to have only one spot effect... Read More »

Does smaller thermal conductivity mean a smaller change in temperature?

A smaller conductivity means that the transmission of heat energy will take a longer amount of time. While the transfer of heat may take longer the change in temperature of the objects will be the ... Read More »