Looking to purchase a new laptop. Which one is the best?

Answer There is really no BEST laptop brand from ANY manufacturer as they all have produced "Gold" and "Lemons" in their time.Most answers will tell you to buy "THIS" or "THAT" brand because it is the bes... Read More »

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Which laptop Buying my son a laptop for Christmas - Which make is the best ?

the only advice I can give you is this: buy as much work-memory as you can afford. ( RAM that is) and as much harddisk space as you can get, and of course the best possible video card.Then your son... Read More »

What is the best laptop to purchase?

On One Hand: Apple MacBook ProThe Apple MacBook Pro is the highest-rated laptop on the market. It features 2 gigabytes of ram a 160 gigabyte hard drive. Its ability to run both Windows and Apple op... Read More »

What is the best type of laptop to purchase?

Hi PennyYour first poster above me doesn't know what she is saying. PC are cheaper, and run everything just as fast , if not faster than a Mac. I repair them enough to know the difference.Get an Ac... Read More »

Best place to purchase laptop online?

At NewEgg , also grab their latest promos from…