Looking for websites to sell college textbooks/cds?

Answer If they're just regular textbooks you can sell them on Amazon. If they're custom materials made specially for the school, you're kind of out of luck. You can put up flyers or something to see if ot... Read More »

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Looking for college loan.but not through mine college or a local bank.any one try out any of the on -line ones?

me too! let me know if you find anything! :)

I'm looking for some good websites for APs?

I would recommend There are a few parents on that sight who are dealing with similar issues and could offer her support and advice.

How doI get rid of these viruses I got when I was looking at x-rated websites?

No antivirus is 100%. However, they protect from ~99% or viruses or so. Still , that 1 % can be annoying. MyWot is ok, but it protects from long-lasting scams usually and not from actual malware th... Read More »

I am looking for some childrens websites for my daughter she is 4 any recomendations?

there's,, (they are diff),, they've got games and printouts etc on Read More »