Looking for video camera advice for making a movie?

Answer It all depends on what your exact filming conditions are. Factors such as lighting, space, camera movement, and format will narrow down which cameras you will need for that particular shoot.Start ... Read More »

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I'm looking for a camera... advice?

The Canon Powershots are amazing.They're tiny, have big screens, and pictures lookvery professional. I get compliments on how awesomemy photography is with my Canon Powershot.Try the Canon Powersho... Read More »

Looking for a video camera?

You're working with a very small budget. That kind of money will only get you something simple. Check out the range of HDV cameras available from Sony - I have two cameras (Z1 & A1P) .. both are f... Read More »

Are the movie camera and the video camera different devices?

Yes, they are very different. The movie camera records images on light-sensitive strips of photographic film which must be processed chemically to get an image for projection. Video cameras use mag... Read More »

Looking for a small inexpensive video camera?

Kodak zi8 - you can find it on it records in HD and you can put it in your pocketSmart Flip Mino HD - you can find it on as well and you put in your pocketBenQ M22 - BenQ, dig... Read More »