Looking for studies that claim AltMed efficacy?

Answer Last I checked psych wasn't considered alt med - but try a search on your end for dialectical behavior therapy in google scholar. It's used for all sorts of disorders characterized by anxiety (PTSD... Read More »

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Where can I find studies that verify the efficacy of Homeopathy?

You won't. Homeopaths don't have the vast amount of money needed for scientific clinical trials. These are the arguments I use. All the tests on homeopathy that I can find are based on standard s... Read More »

What are Some of the uncomfortable truths that BIG AltMed doesn't want you to know?

EDIT: I've deleted my answer to make more room so I can critique “Kiwi is my bird-o” answer. I'm well aware that making people defencive often makes them stop listening so I'm simply going to p... Read More »

Will the Internet kill AltMed or feed it?

Exactly what Weise Ente said. The Internet both educates and produces a semi illiterate market for crap at the same time.Edit: Well no. Claiming we are us close-minded and that we haven't researche... Read More »

How to Teach Children Self Efficacy?

Nurture a growth mindset in Children in order to perform better in studies and life. Self-efficacy is the key to growth.If you could use science to help your child earn better grades, would you? Wh... Read More »