Looking for someone called tanya charley hughes?

Answer If you both share the same set of parents it's your full sibling. No matter how many children they have together, they are all your full siblings. If you share one parent it's your half sibling.

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How to Get Rid of a Charley Horse?

A charlie horse can happen on any part of your leg, calf quad etc...This is how to sooth it/get rid of.

What is the origin of the name Tanya?

The name Tanya originated in Russia and is a form of the name Tatyana. According to, the meaning of Tanya is “fairy queen,” and lists the meaning of the name as “pra... Read More »

Applebee's or O'Charley's?

Applebees tips are seen more often because it has a long family restaurant history and you always get that Friday-Sunday Rush. But O'Charleys has those hefty tips that I used to love that comes wit... Read More »

What do you do when you have a charley horse?

Muscle cramps can be painful. Drink lots of water and eat a banana.Stand and flex the leg muscles very slowly and the cramp will leave.