Looking for someone called tanya charley hughes?

Answer If you both share the same set of parents it's your full sibling. No matter how many children they have together, they are all your full siblings. If you share one parent it's your half sibling.

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What is skybox 1994 star trek cards worth someone gave me about 400 in mint condition not looking for a exact price just looking for some help?

You can see what the value of some of the cards have by seeing what they are selling for by looking to the related links below .

Someone called me, hung up as soon as I said hello and when I called back it says the number isn't in use?

Probably on the phone to someone else.But they may have spontaneously been disconnected from their provider due to some unknown phenomenal circumstances. Guess you'll never know :D

Ok,so can someone not give there opinion on here without being bullied by someone called riggs?

sometimes it gets a bit heated in this section ,but don't worry too much and enjoy !!!

Who sings a song called"Looking for a Job"?

Todd Snider sings the song “Looking for a Job." The song was included on the album “The Devil You Know,” which was produced in 2006 by New Door Records. The year it was released, the CD appea... Read More »