Looking for quality "slim line camera" capable of decent 20" x 30" blow up?

Answer Larger print means more mega pixel is necessary. For 20X30, I'll recommend 8MP or more. There a few choices I'll recommend:Canon PowerShot A630:Around $2608Mega PixelSensor size: 1/1.8" (7.18 x 5... Read More »

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What's a cheap but decent camera I can buy for recording quality videos over the summer?

here you go…

Is Firewire capable of transferring HD-quality video from a camcorder?

I imagine you can xfer HD video files with any medium, even a serial cable if you have enough time.

Decent Camcorder Quality!?

Here's a list of current camcorders and their review ratings:, a larger image sensor size would result in higher video quality.

What Video Recorder should I get I dont want movie quality, just something decent.?

These are excellent questions. I’ll answer them in order but first you’ll need to understand that professional grade camcorders will do most of what you’re looking for so be willing to spend ... Read More »