Looking for old cartoons?

Answer First one is "One Cab's Family"Wiki:'s_F…Tudou:… (advertisement before this one)(aww baby taxi is so cute!)Second o... Read More »

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How to Draw Emo Cartoons?

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Do you still watch cartoons?

Yeah i do,and I'm 27! I love "Family Guy" And "American Dad"-but i suppose there more like comedy's but in cartoon form-there brilliant though!I do watch "Maya and Miguel",not to bad!Like allot of ... Read More »

Are cartoons really only for kids?

Are you kidding? A lot of cartoons are too good for kids. Pinky and the Brain isn't a kids cartoon. It's wasted on kids. Same with Freakazoid and the Warner Kids. What's a kid going to get out of "... Read More »

Do u admit that u still could like cartoons despite your age?

I'm 28, I love cartoons, I enjoyed my chilhood.The first cartoons I remember was the lone ranger and zorro, all of the disney cartoons, I saw the first tune in for thundercats,brave star the ninja ... Read More »