Looking for help to solve my printer issues?

Answer It does sound like it's pretty much on it's last legs. A new one will probably be faster and cheaper to run. Maybe time to move on.

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Printer issues please help?

if any device in this chain is relying on wifi wpa-2 security then change it to wepwpa-2 can be altered by updates which is what screws things up.

Printer issues help please?

Hi,First make sure that the driver for your printer is the correct one foe W7.The pc could be saying that it is out of paper as it does not have the driver loaded.Arnak

Printer issues, please help?

Did you change anything on your computer, like a new or different monitor, any new applications or software updates, etc...?Is this problem only with stuff from the internet or any other applicatio... Read More »

Please help looking for a printer?

The printer transfer paper comes in 8 1/2 X11. Why don't you use those or even 2 of them for a big image. I have even used 4 pages and did a poster print on my regular epson printer. It worked gre... Read More »