Looking for best digital camera with or without video?

Answer Good question, now people on the way to find the camera that dose the picture in B/W and there still one color be retained.That feature is called '' color accent '' you are asking for.Go with any c... Read More »

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What is the best light I can use to video indoors with a digital camera?

Check if your camera has a white balance function. This adjusts the camera for different lighting conditions. If it does, you can use just about anything as long as you set the camera correctly. ... Read More »

Looking for usb driver for panasonic digital video camera nv-gx7en.?

If you are looking to download DV to your PC you need IEEE1394 Firewire. The USB port is for transferring still pictures. Even USB 2.0 is too slow for DV transfer. Most DV editors will instantly re... Read More »

Looking to buy a new digital camera under $400, any suggestions on which brand is the best?

I REALLY like my Canon Powershot. Here are some of the top-rated digital cameras reviewed by actual people like you and me. Be sure to check out the Mini Digital Camera section-those are the smalle... Read More »

Can you use the same SD memory card with your video camera and digital camera?

there really is no specific card for either... they are designed to work on both. it is like a thumb drive that only fits in a SD slot.