Looking for an upgrade for my computer....either cpu or graphic card?

Answer you have to decide what is most important for you.if you are serious about gaming then definitely go for graphics card upgrade.gtx 560 ti is significantly better than gtx 460 so you will definitely... Read More »

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Upgrade my Graphic card?

May need a new PSU also if you upgrade the graphics, minimum for a 1GB card is 400W but you need larger as it has to run the rest of the rig as well

Can you upgrade v1jp graphic card?

It is possible to change the Asus V1JP graphics card; however, the process is quite invasive and involves taking apart the laptop to do so. Taking apart a laptop can void the warranty and can caus... Read More »

Must I upgrade my current graphic card?

That's still a good general use card, but if you want to play current high end games, you want something more current.(Edit) - having read your earlier question, you'd want to upgrade, especially s... Read More »

Can i upgrade dell gx520 graphic card?

You have a PCI slot and possibly a PCI-e 1X slot (very short one) on board. You could put a cheap and poorly performing PCI card in, or get a better PCI-e 1X card (still not nearly as good as a PC... Read More »