Looking for an Excel expert- specific question about creating a database?

Answer It can be done, in Excel, using VBA userforms, macros/event handlers. However, you are operating in a Google Docs environment and I am not sure it has the exact functionality as Excel. Also, for ... Read More »

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Creating An Access Database from an Excel Spreadsheet?

Most worksheets are usually storing things like people's Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc...Such information is better stored in an MS-Access database. You would create a Primary Table that he... Read More »

Creating a specific look with curtains?

The box with 3 sides is called a pelmet & there are loads of diy pages about them, just google DIY pelmet. (Sry I normally provide links but my phone wont let me at moment) They arent too heavy and... Read More »

How to Become an Excel Expert?

Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet application is used frequently in office scenarios and is therefore an excellent skill to add to a resume. Advertising yourself as an Excel expert may gain you opportu... Read More »

Creating popups in Excel?

A Comment field will allow you to create a simple popup like message, but that means that Comments will need to be always turned on in the Options for MS-Excel.To get a more sophisticated message t... Read More »