Looking for a wireless USB adapter for computer?

Answer helloYou will need to have a router that can give you a long distance signals so it can move the signal thro the walls of your house, also you will need 2 USb wirless 150 or 300n with a 8 DBi anten... Read More »

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Can you sync a xbox 360&a computer without a wireless adapter?

Yes it is possible to sync and share media between your Xbox 360 and a computer without a wireless adapter. All you need is a network cable that you can use to connect your computer and Xbox 360. ... Read More »

How do i install a wireless adapter in a desktop computer?

Open your computer case by unscrewing the side door with a Phillips-head screwdriver. There will usually be several Phillips screws holding the door in place. Turn the computer on its side. Put the... Read More »

Can you connect an Xbox 360 to a computer without an adapter, a modem or wireless?

The Xbox 360 can connect to a computer using several methods, including via an adapter, modem or router. However, you don't need one of these expensive devices to connect the two. Another method is... Read More »

My Computer doesn't have a wireless network adapter installed and configured?

You need to give further information. Is this a laptop or a desktop, and how have you connected to the internet previously. Impossible to answer a question that is not fully asked with all pertin... Read More »