Looking for a wireless USB adapter for computer?

Answer helloYou will need to have a router that can give you a long distance signals so it can move the signal thro the walls of your house, also you will need 2 USb wirless 150 or 300n with a 8 DBi anten... Read More »

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Looking for a wireless adapter for Sony BluRay Player BDVE280?

You could also use a wireless N bridge of the same brand as your wireless router but It will be more difficult to set up and get it to work properly, actually most wireless routers can also double ... Read More »

How do i install a wireless adapter in a desktop computer?

Open your computer case by unscrewing the side door with a Phillips-head screwdriver. There will usually be several Phillips screws holding the door in place. Turn the computer on its side. Put the... Read More »

Can you sync a xbox 360&a computer without a wireless adapter?

Yes it is possible to sync and share media between your Xbox 360 and a computer without a wireless adapter. All you need is a network cable that you can use to connect your computer and Xbox 360. ... Read More »

Can you connect an Xbox 360 to a computer without an adapter, a modem or wireless?

The Xbox 360 can connect to a computer using several methods, including via an adapter, modem or router. However, you don't need one of these expensive devices to connect the two. Another method is... Read More »