Looking for a new 32" LCD TV. Any Ideas?

Answer Depending what you intend to use your TV for, will determine whether you will require 1080p or standard HD (720p). The number represents the number of pixels, small dots which make up the picture. ... Read More »

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I'm looking for good DVD ideas - I just got a new home theather system. Any ideas?

terminator, james bond, starwars, jarasic park, i robotthats the ones we use to show off the capabilities of the home cinemas and we sell ones up to £100,000 and we use these dvds day in day outme... Read More »

Looking for apartment decorating ideas?

I will imagine you need to go easy on the $$....I will expound on wall art...and this can work for all tastes from boho to strict oatmeal English country.You can find easy, cheap artwork to frame w... Read More »

Looking for digital camera.....any ideas?

You don't need a whole hell of a lot of megapixels. 4 to 6 or 7 is fine. If you're coming out of 35mm and many times changed shutter speed, then you'd want aperture/shutter priority. For under $200... Read More »

Im looking for jobs in switzerland any ideas?

Check all the work agencies because you can find hotel jobs fast.…