Looking for a good mail-checking utility?

Answer Just download Mozilla Thunderbird and use that as your email client. You can have the icon to click in the system tray when a message is available, and you can also set up to three different value... Read More »

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Why Does My iPhone Keep Checking for Mail?

With its high speed, always-on Internet, Apple's iPhone allows to stay constantly connected with what's going on online, be it via specific websites or social networking tools like Facebook or Twit... Read More »

How to Find Out Who Is Checking My Personal E-mail?

E-mail is a convenient way to quickly send messages to other people. But if someone else accesses your e-mail account, they can read your personal messages as well as find your personal information... Read More »

I hav a prob...Actually, while checking my mail that is gmail account....?

if you are using Internet Explorer, go to Control panel, open Internet options, go to the content tab, on the bottom right of the window you will see a button as "Auto Complete", click it, a smalle... Read More »

How do u get your stupid brother to stop checking your e-mail?