Looking for a good gaming computer, any suggestions?

Answer 1 gb of ram with a lot of memory? I think you got confused there RAM is what makes your computer faster, not to store programs in. but anyway, build yourself a killer gaming computer, A lot cheaper... Read More »

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What's a good gaming pc under £1000 any suggestions thanks ?

1.… 740 dollars2.… 900 dollars3.… 1000 dollars4. http://www.newegg.c... Read More »

Hey guys I want to buy a gaming computer and I have $1000 but i dont know where to start, any suggestions?

well you could build onebuilding one costs $500or more cheaper than buying one straightits really easy and the only tool you need is a screwdriverlook at this video and itll go more into detail for... Read More »

I want a good computer with good memory for gaming and music etc. but it cant cost too much.. please help!?

Hi Nadia,The criteria you have given for a new PC are really open, since it seems that your not going to be needing it for any high demand applications you don't need to go over board and you can g... Read More »

Is my computer good for gaming?

video card is okay, ddr3 ram is quite quick, processor is reasonable too, should run most games medium spec, will struggle with some though, had a simular spec pc with the same vid card and it ran ... Read More »