Looking for a good gaming computer, any suggestions?

Answer 1 gb of ram with a lot of memory? I think you got confused there RAM is what makes your computer faster, not to store programs in. but anyway, build yourself a killer gaming computer, A lot cheaper... Read More »

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Looking for a good gaming computer for $2000?

Umm I can't really show you anything...but here I go. It is way cheaper to make your own computer then buy the whole thing. If you get like a average computer (like $500) You can add a graphics car... Read More »

Looking for good gaming computer with word, excel and other work based programs?

DELL currently has several computer for sale that meet your criteria. The only problem is that the MS-Office Suite is rather expensive, unless you can get a Student version. You can download the ... Read More »

What's a good gaming pc under £1000 any suggestions thanks ?

1.… 740 dollars2.… 900 dollars3.… 1000 dollars4. http://www.newegg.c... Read More »

Suggestions for looking good. x?

I will give you the best advice that no one will give you. You can't do nothing for tomorrow, however from today start loosing weight. Get a slim body. That is the single most important thing in ... Read More »