Looking for a good digital radio?

Answer just go to ebay or Best Buy.

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Digital switchover portable tv/radio walkman: won't Sony add Digital TV signal to its radio?

I'm not sure who told you it will be too expensive, but it will definitely be a new design issue.An analog TV signal was actually two separate signals; an AM video signal and an FM audio signal. T... Read More »

I am looking for a really good digital camera!?

I would go for a Canon G9 (which has received great reviews). I have one and it's just like an SLR (without the bulk and the price), but is still considered a professional digital camera. The G9 h... Read More »

Looking for a good underwater digital camera?

The closest camera would be the Olympus Stylus SW 1030 which is good to 33 feet, has 10.1mp and costs $399.99 USD or the SW 770 which is 7.1mp, good to 33 feet and costs $349.99 USD.Happy diving!

I am looking for good radio station to improve my English language?

The BBC - they offer some programs designed for English Language improvement…World Service