Looking for a good deal on a tv/ projector?

Answer I suggest Samsung LCD TV or Samsung LCD monitor.…

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Where can i find a good deal for a video projector? usually has some pretty good deals on both new and refurbished projectors. $500 is cutting it a little close for a native 720p projector which is what you want if you can find ... Read More »

I'm looking to buy a projector. However, I'm not looking to spend 1,000's for one?

Zoombox=CRAP look at Infocus and something with lots of Lumens..the more the better..but remember projectors arnt always the best way to go...

If your parents are good looking, does it mean you will become good looking as well?

it does set you up with good genes to be good looking but you can be the most amazing looking person in the world but if you don't feel like it then people wont see it. try to get more self-confide... Read More »

I'm looking to buy a good camera, I've been looking at Nikons, what would be a good buy?

Well, the problem with buying a digital camera is not only that there are hundreds of models for sale at any given point in time, but you also need to figure out which type of camera is right for y... Read More »