Looking for Master Deed at Bank's request on Condominium?

Answer This is a public document, a copy of which you can find on file at your local county or provincial property tax assessor's office.

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How can you force your condo association to abide by the Master Deed and provide all of the parking stated in the deed?

You can write a letter to your board citing the section of the Master Deed that references parking. In the letter, ask for time on the agenda at the next board meeting and request an open discussio... Read More »

Can a master deed be converted to a warranty deed?

No. Those are two completely different legal instruments. A Master Deed is the instrument that is used by a condominium developer (sponsor) to convert a single property to a scheme of individually... Read More »

How do you add your spouse to the deed for your condominium?

AnswerA simple procedure by use of a quitclaim deed, it is not necessary to use a title company or have a title search done of the property as it is a change of title not a sale of the property.Qui... Read More »

How do you file a quitclaim deed for a condominium?

You hire your attorney, and take the appropriate documentation, for example, confirming your ownership, and request that the attorney help you file a quit claim deed with the appropriate department... Read More »