Looking for High-Speed camcorder (for slow-motion videos)! Please help!?

Answer Perhaps the Casio Exilim line meets your needs...

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Slow-motion digital Camcorder?

The only consumer camcorders that have any sort of increased frame capture rate (of which I am currently aware) are several select camcorders from Sony. You would be looking for the "Smooth Slow Re... Read More »

Which is the best camera for slow motion videos?

The Olympus Pen Mini EPM2 cannot do slow motion video, it is limited to 30fps.I have a Nikon V1, and both the V1, V2, and J3 can do an incredible 1,200fps.Granted, at 1200fps, the image size is 320... Read More »

How to Play YouTube Videos in Slow Motion?

Saw a wicked dance move on YouTube and you want to copy it? Or perhaps you just want to watch a person's reaction frame-by-frame as they play the Scary Maze Game. Here are two simple ways to play a... Read More »

Where can i buy a high speed camcorder?