Looking for Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis for an English-speaking adult in Bern, Switzerland please help?

Answer There's a Yahoo group called Special-Kids-CH, even though it's meant to be about kids I'm pretty sure someone would be able to help.

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English Speaking Jobs In Switzerland?

Gidday mate :-) You would have to provide and proof highly specialized skills no Swiss or EU citizen has in order to only apply for a job. A working and residency permit for non-Swiss or EU citizen... Read More »

What is Bern, Switzerland like and how it is compared to Zurich and other towns, cities in Switzerland?

Bern is a beautiful city, but it will feel more of a village to you if you're used to big metropolis like London or New York or something. Even though it's the capital, it's very small. The quality... Read More »

How to Understand Aspergers Syndrome?

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Teaching a child with aspergers syndrome?

My son has help in the mornings only with the teacher's assistant. He can become overwelmed with the work if he is asked to do 4 or 5 things at the same time. He will forget what to do and get con... Read More »