Looking For a HD monitor?

Answer check out this link.…it's a Canadian company with best prices you can find in Canada. i order online all of the time and have never had one problem. i cust... Read More »

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Why is everything blurry looking on my monitor?

it seems like a problem with your resolution.go to the start menu,go to the control panel.and click on appearance and personalization and set your screen resolution to a higher setting.i hope i helped

I'm looking for a new gaming monitor 120hz?

go to an online store and choose the one closer to the $400 budget mark. You don't like shopping ?ASUS has some good ones.

Am looking for VAG cable for a monitor make HAG 783B?

Funny, I was just thinking about a vag for my cable.

Looking for a remote for an Insignia 9 LCD Monitor and DVD player?

The answer to this is dependent on the definition of 'Digital'. Taken literally, Digital is a matter of 'On' or 'Off', so whilst carried on an analogue system, it is indeed digital as can have only... Read More »